Mistress Beer

Mistress brews are on tap and available for purchase in bottles at fine grocers, restaurants, and bars.  We are also opening a taproom in 2018! 

Get familiar with our quality craft brews…

Caught Red Handed – Mistress Red IPA 
65 IBU – ABV 6.0% – Serve in a Tulip glass 45°F
At Mistress Brewing Company, getting caught is half the fun. When an American Ale gets a little too friendly with a Hoppy IPA, a balance of IBUs and buttery caramel is born. While the smooth finish lingers on your tongue, let our other favorite beer know you’ve moved on to bigger and better things or risk being Caught Red Handed. The choice is up to you.

Mistress Blonde Ale
21 IBU – ABV 5.0% – Serve in an Irish Pint glass at 46°F
Go ahead and inquire about the blonde at the bar, for liquid courage has never looked so good. Mistress Blonde Ale brings together sweet malts with light-bodied fruitiness, making it the perfect choice when you’re looking to slip into something a little more Lager-like. Fun and always refreshing, Miss Blonde pairs well with sunshine, good times, and bad pickup lines.

Jackie Brown – Mistress English Brown Ale
23 IBU – ABV 5.0% – Serve in English pint glass at 53°F
Looking for something dark and a little more dangerous? Miss Brown has an unmatched amount of sass with more malt than you can probably handle. This English-style Brown Ale sister from a malty mister is full bodied, but never bitter. When Jackie Brown comes to Flavortown, you’ll find out real soon if you’re bold enough to stick around.

Mistress Amber Ale
16 IBU – ABV 6.5% – Serve in Pint glass at 46°F
Forget the girl next door, Mistress Amber is the babe down the block. Smooth, caramel malts mingled with bright hoppiness create a balanced flavor that walks a fine line between familiar and pure fantasy. Let your imagination run wild with Miss Amber. Her cold beads of condensation will have you breaking out in a hot sweat.

Wit or Without You – Mistress Witbier
11 IBU – ABV 5.0% – Serve in Weizen glass at 41°F
Do you believe in love at first sip? Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of this Belgian-style beauty. Brewed with a bit of spice, this mesmerizing profile will string you along with spunky sweetness that’s both creamy and crisp. Fall in love with this Wheaty Sweetie at your own risk. The only thing better than a tall drink of water is a liter of Miss Wit.

Specialty Brews

Secondhand Rose – Mistress Strawberry Blonde Ale
21 IBU – ABV 5.0% – Serve in an Irish Pint glass at 46°F
Got a juicy secret? So do we. Meet the newest Mistress Brewing Bombshell, Miss Secondhand Rose. Blonde at heart with a streak of strawberry. This light-bodied beauty brings sweet berry notes to the party for a sip of summer love. She’s right at home from beaches to barbecues, so settle in, she’s here for the season.

Mistress Quad Ale
30 IBU – ABV 9.5% – Serve in a Tulip glass at 50°F
One of our bolder beauties, Mistress Quad Ale, is full bodied and malty, with a touch of sweetness. This deep hued prima donna is well suited for an evening with friends, but she also enjoys a quiet evening by the fire and a good book.

Little Black Dress – Black IPA
57 IBU – ABV 7.3% – Serve in a Tulip glass at 45°F
Little Black Dress is a dark beauty, created with Amarillo hops. With a little medium-bitter sass, this lady has a good head on her shoulders and makes a great partner to cozy up with. Just like her namesake, Little Black Dress is ready for any occasion, so put on your best – it’s time for a night out.

Mistress Camilla – Extra Special Bitter
35 IBU – ABV 5.7% – Serve in English pint glass at 53°F
Mistress Camilla lives up to her classy, yet flavorful reputation. This lady has a malty, dry finish, with a touch of British style sweetness. This rich and bready, medium-bitter beauty is pure drinkability. Enjoy a reserved Mistress today, but be careful – as Someday, she may be the queen…SCANDALOUS!

Mistress Boudica – English Stout
27 IBU – ABV 5.5% – Serve in English pint glass at 53°F
Being a tribal warrior queen is hard work, that requires a dark beer. Mistress Boudica is no exception, tapping into her primal flavors that will make heads roll. With her roasted barley flavor, and just a touch of sweet, she is one remarkable sovereign – truly living up to her namesake.

Mistress Trummerfrau – Hefeweizen
27 IBU – ABV 5.5% – Serve in English pint glass at 53°F
Don’t underestimate Mistress Trummerfrau, or she’ll show you just how much she can accomplish when called to action. While her signature clove and banana aromas are unequivocally German and proud, her full body yields a smooth, bold flavor. Let Mistress Trummerfrau reconstruct your definition of German Hefeweizen.

Mistress Maibock – Maibock
26IBU – ABV 7.0% – Serve in Weizen glass at 41°F
This medium bodied, Hoppy Bock, uses its strong malty flavor along with some spicy and floral hops to elevate your palette.

Oak Aged English Stout
27 IBU – ABV 5.5% – Serve in English pint glass at 53°F
Mistress Boudica aged in oak barrels further enhances her flavor profile. Dark and malty, this lady shows that age and beauty come together for the distinguished taste only an older, British woman can provide.

Mistress Beach Blonde – Hoppy Blonde Ale
21 IBU – ABV 5.0% – Serve in an Irish Pint glass at 46°F
Why wait for summer, when Mistress Beach Blonde can take you there now? This cool beauty with a hoppy twist is perfect for a day at the beach or hanging around, reminiscing of days in the sand. She’s a limited run, so get her while she lasts. Available on-tap only.


daVine Mistress
30 IBU – ABV 8.0% – Serve in a Tulip glass at 50°F
daVine Mistress is a SMaSH collaboration brew between Mistress Brewing Company and Twisted Vine Brewery. This lovely lady made her debut at Des Moines Beer Week 2017.

Mistress Anniversary Oak Quad
30 IBU – ABV 10.0% – Serve in a Tulip glass at 50°F
Mistress Oak Quad is a limited edition created to celebrate the Iowa State Fair.  This special brew is our traditional Mistress Quad Ale, aged in oak whiskey barrels.

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