Mistress Brewing Company Drive-By Beer

Call-In Ordering for Curbside Pickup or Home Delivery!

As always please call the Mistress Brewing Company Taproom Team @ (515) 777-2133 for their expertise on all pre-packaged and growler pre-fills.

We will prepare your order and deliver it directly to you at home or in your vehicle at our north door. At this time we can only accept Credit and Gift Card payments.

As always, we offer all of our “core” beer in 12oz six pack cans. Beginning next week, we will be running special one-time beers in 16oz cans as well. Also, for the duration of the current events we will offer all 28 of our tap beers in pre-filled and sealed 32oz and 64oz Growlers. All beer available in growlers is also available in 1/6 and ½ barrel kegs.

Keep updated on selections, sizing and ordering enhancements here.

Below are our current offerings.

Limited Release 4 Pack 16oz Cans: Price: 10.00 + tax / deposit
Mistress Pineapple IPA IPA – American 6.5% ABV / 81 IBU
Mistress Driveway Daisy American Ale 7.0% ABV / 12 IBU
Mistress Secondhand Rose Strawberry Blonde Ale 5% ABV / 21 IBU
12oz 6 pack cans: Price: 8.99 + tax / deposit
Mistress Blonde Ale Blonde Ale 5% ABV / 21 IBU
Mistress Amber Ale Red Ale – American Amber 6.5% ABV / 16 IBU
Mistress Jackie Brown Brown Ale – English 5% ABV / 23 IBU
Mistress Wit or Without You Belgian Witbier 5% ABV / 11 IBU
Mistress Little Black Dress IPA – Black 7.3% ABV / 57 IBU
Mistress Secondhand Rose Strawberry Blonde Ale 5% ABV / 21 IBU
Mistress Caught Red Handed IPA – Red 6% ABV / 65 IBU
Mistress Trummerfrau Hefeweizen 5.5% ABV / 27 IBU
32oz & 64oz Growler Fill:
32oz $15.00 + tax / deposit, 64oz $25.00 + tax / deposit